Summer Edition 2018 Official Selections

Congratulations for all the Summer 2018 Official Selections!


Best Short Film

Adwaita – By Manwar Rana

Arcotia – By Vishnu Tejesh

Candlestick Justice – By Mary C. Ferrara, Sarah Kinsey, Randi Sloane

I’ll crush you & Go to hell – By Fabio Soares, Célia Paysan

Look at me – By Prasad Cherkadi

Navigate – By Nilendra Fonseka

Perhaps – By Akhil Sachi

Soliloquy – By Nasir Ibrahim

Spring is not here – By Saeed Karami Keshmarzi

The Last Page – An Intruder in my mind – By Vishal Wakchaure

Trayam – By Sai Murali

Best Director

310804 – By Martin Jesus Kozlowski

Adwaita – By Manwar Rana

Linni RavenBlod – By Sveinung Gjessing

Tapferkeit – By Joseph Quinn

The Photographer – By Bertrand Normand

Best Actor

Around The Music – Sergio Santos

Kal – Aahan Somvanshi

Kitaab – Tom Alter

RED – Chandrasekhar Kommalapati

Safety Net – Lejon Woods

Best Actress

Dum Dum Dumaroo – Sanaya Irani

Living Idle – Geetanjali Mishra

Thambathyam – Cabrella Sellus

The Audition – Hollybeth Gourlay

Best Screenplay

Arcotia – By Vishnu Tejesh, Ashok Subramaniam

Banoffee Pie – By Sarat Prakash, Karan Bansal

RED – By Siddhartha Tarak

Spring is not here – By Saeed Karami Keshmarzi

Best Editing

Put that away and talk to me – By Avi Mazliah

Best Cinematography

Boy yaa Girl – By Khalid Abbas

For One – By Romain Altché, James Coote

Roses from Ashes – By Gürol Beşer

Thambathyam – By Martin Donraj

Trayam – By Naresh Ramadurai

Best Original Score

Aaliminte Thattukada – By Fahad Kalam M A

Dushchakra – By Mohnish Bhidwan

For One – By Alain Weiller

Let me go – By Ilia

Best Documentary

AnorMal – By Luis Galán

Dutch Coromandel – By Ghouse Samadh

Sikkim more than what one knows – By Parag Vijra

The great meandros – By Yavuz ÖZER

Best Animation

Bully – By Aroop Dwivedi

David and Goliath – By C. A. MacFinn

Silly piece of wood – By Felix Kapfer

The End – By Dhruva Prasad Devara

Best Experimental

Duelos – By Yolanda Román

Trayam – By Sai Murali

Victory – By Vishal Bhalla

Best Music Video

Scandal – By Pablo Mengin-Lecreulx

Let me go – By Ilia

Lovers – By Raul Simao

Linni Ravenblod – By Sveinung Gjessing