Summer Edition 2018 Award Winners

Congratulations for all the Summer 2018 Winners!

Best Short Film

Adwaita – By Manwar Rana, India

Best Director

The Photographer – By Bertrand Normand, France

Best Actor

Safety Net – Lejon Woods, USA

Best Actress

Thambathyam – Cabrella Sellus, India

Best Screenplay

Banoffee Pie – By Sarat Prakash, Karan Bansal, India

Best Editing

Put that away and talk to me – By Avi Mazliah, Israel

Best Cinematography

Trayam – By Naresh Ramadurai, India

Best Original Score

Aaliminte Thattukada – By Fahad Kalam M A, India

Best Documentary

AnorMal – By Luis Galán, Spain

Best Animation

Silly piece of wood – By Felix Kapfer, Germany

Best Experimental

Duelos – By Yolanda Román, Spain

Best Music Video

Scandal – By Pablo Mengin-Lecreulx, Réunion